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George Wright Plays the Plummer WurliTzer Organ

Sponsored by

Orange County Theater Organ Societiety

About this recording: This George Wright CD, "George Wright Plays the Plummer Wurlitzer Organ" was released on November 9, 2008.

This CD is a one of a kind, and the technical hurdles involved in its creation were enormous....

First, a little history on this project: Mr. Wright had a Trousdale system installed on his home organ which allowed him to digitally record his performances.

Recently these electronic recordings, on magnetic tape, were converted to a computer format by our own Bob Trousdale.

After significant effort, Bob surveyed the more than 150 songs and found 75 that were usable.

After narrowing down the selections, Bob spent countless hours reassigning stop selections for each piece, as no two organs are exactly the same. Bob even recreated some circuit boards that Mr. Wright had that made unique effects possible.

Finally, these songs were recorded on the Plummer Organ, and the final tracks were selected.

The result is a collection of very listenable pieces by George Wright played on the Plummer Wurlitzer.

We would like to recognize Mr. Bob Trousdale for his huge contribution to making this unique recording possible.

A Salute to the Swinging Years
Lyn Larsen & Jack Bethard's 13-Piece Swing Band
Recorded Live Concert In Plummer Auditorium Featuring Plummer 4/36 Mighty Wurlitzer

Wrap-up Event of "Wurlitzer Weekend 2001"
Sponsored by

Orange County Theater Organ Societies


Live From Plummer
Lyn Larsen and Jonas Nordwall
Recorded Live Concert In Plummer Auditorium Featuring
Plummer 4/36 Mighty Wurlitzer
Plus George Wright Signature Series Renaissance 4/33 Allen
Wrap-Up Event of Wurlitzter Weekend 2000
Sponsored By
Orange County Theater Organ Society


Journey Into Melody
John Giachi
Plays the Theater Pipe Organ
In the Capri Theater in Goodwood, South Australia
Limited Number of CDs Available


Plummers Pipes
Sean Henderson
This Youthful 16-year-old From New Zealand

Charmes Plummer Audience With His Performance
At the Plummer Auditorium Wurlitzer


From Ragtime to Swingtime

Lyn Larsen & Jack Bethard's 15-Piece Swing Orchestra
Recorded Live Concert In Plummer Auditorium
Wrap-up Event of "Wurlitzer Weekend 2002"
Sponsored by

Orange County Theater Organ Society (OCTOS)


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