Pipe Toe Cones

By Randy A. Bergum

Steuart Goodwin asked for a set of toe cones to form toes on pipe feet.

A brass rod was purchased from the local scrap dealer, and then cut into blanks of proper lengths. The ends were faced, then center drilled. A boring bar was used to hog out the insides, then a reamer of proper angle used to finish out the inside cone.

The cone was then chucked up and a shank turned on the other end of 1/2" diameter. This allows the cone to be chucked up and motorized for easier deformation.

The three cones have internal angles of 40, 60, and 90 degrees, and are 2.5" in diameter.

Fig. 1 - The Pipe Toe Cones - Outside

Fig. 2 - The Pipe Toe Cones - Inside

Fig 3. - The Carrying Case

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