Manual Turntable

By Randy A. Bergum


The turntable rotates, allowing easy adjustments of spring weight, key dip or firing depth. The table can accommodate manuals up to the size of the Accompaniment manual of a four keyboard set (I haven't tried a fiver yet).

To Use:

The keyframe is placed on the plywood deck and clamped down with 2 Quick Clamps. You now can rotate the carriage by pulling out the spring loaded index pin that stops at the most often used positions. Rotate where needed, and release the pin.


The frame was welded of 1" sq. tubing and powdercoated black. All other parts were made from generic hardware - I like Army/Navy bolts with fine threads and precision shanks.

Fig. 1 - Manual Turntable

The Positions of the Turntable

Fig. 2 - The Positions

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