Tom Hazelton Performs at Plummer Auditorium

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In Memory of

Tom Hazelton aka Tom Hazelton

Tom Hazleton, 1942 - 2006

OCTOS extends is deepest sympathies to the family and friends of  Tom Hazleton. Mr. Hazleton passed peacefully in his sleep on March 13, 2006 after a successful day of recording on the Midmer-Losh organ installed at the home of Adrian Phillips.

Tom Hazleton last played at the Plummer Auditorium on September 11, 2005. We enjoyed a wonderful concert. Below are the photographs we have from our last event with Tom.

Shopping Anyone

More shopping!

Randy and Bob Trousdale

Hanging out

Girls day out?

Smile for the camera!

Gladys Trousdale and Judy Merry


What's selling

Tom Hazelton and an avid fan

Enjoyin the show

Longtime organ lovers

Tom Hazelton signing autographs

Tom Hazelton and some fans